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- Qualifications

Master Flower Cake Instructor
Butter Cream Flower Cake Instructor

Palette Knife Flower Sculpture Instructor
Bean paste Flower Cake Instructor

@Qualification type

Private qualification
- Registration Number
Master Flower Cake Instructor: No. 2017-004409
Butter Cream Flower Cake Instructor: No. 2017-004407

Palette Knife Flower Sculpture Instructor: No. 2020-002702
Bean paste Flower Cake Instructor: No. 2017-004408


@Refund Policy

 -100% refund before the deadline

 - Refunds  during and after the deadline date is not possible

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@Certificate fee

Master Flower Cake Instructor,

Master Level Instructor (with material cost - 100usd) 

Butter Cream Flower Cake Instructor,

Level 1&2 Instructor (with material cost - 180usd)

Palette Knife Flower Sculpture Instructor

(with material cost - 100usd) 

Bean Paste Flower Instructor,

Level 1 Instructor (with material cost - 90usd) 
Level 2 instructor (with material cost - 60usd)


- Level 1 : Can be issued upon completion of the advanced course

- Level 2 : Issued when you have completed the regular basic course

@Organization: Korea Design Cake Art Association


. Representative: Yun Ji Hye.

Contact: 010 - 8121 - 9879 /

. Location: 748 Sosaro Road, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

. Homepage: /

Korea Design Cake Art Association

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